Thursday, January 11, 2007

Seeing Blue

I woke up this morning jumping for joy. Do you see why I am so excited?

This of course is just a teaser pic and there is blue sky everywhere. It's just in time in fact for my birthday (which is tomorrow). What more could I have asked for than for this! I'm so excited..

I hope to have some more uploaded to flickr by tonight. That's where I really went crazy (remind me to talk about what I saw on my shoot). The good news is that there should be blue skies in the forcast for a few more days. And anyone who knows me quite well knows I absolutely thrive off of this type of weather...

Jumping to joy as I go off to get "love bug" from the groomers right now. Most of you know him as Mr. Twist. Yes this is what the groomer calls him. Isn't that so sweet!

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