Thursday, January 11, 2007

What a Doosie

Yesterday morning I got a phone call from my brother. It's unusual for him to call me early in the morning so I quickly wondered what had happened? Let's just say he hurt himself skiing while he was on flat ground of all places.

So the snow storm yesterday turned out to be a doosie** for most of the lower mainland except here in North Vancouver. We got lucky for sure! P was rather worried while driving home because there was so much snow pouring down on him. He said it felt more like a blizzard. But when he crossed into North Vancouver, all the snow just stopped. We actually got lucky this time. The hardest hit areas were out in Abbotsford and Surrey, etc.

The good news is this storm is bringing a few days of sunshine with colder weather (-1C for a high) in time for my birthday which is tomorrow. So I'm going to make the effort today to get the camera out and snap a few snow filled pics again...

**Doosie -not entirely streetwise with whats happening and going down,
a thing which is an extreme example of its type.

"That next step is a Doosie!" (said to someone about to step off a cliff)

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