Saturday, February 17, 2007

Einstein Haus in Bern

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This weeks Photo Hunt Theme is Antique.

Since the theme is Antique, I thought I'd pull out of the woodwork something that is near and dear to me but still amazes me every time I take a look at the pics from The Albert Einstein House in Bern, better known as Einstein Haus in German. We had a chance to see this back in August 2005 while we were last visiting Switzerland.

Einstein Haus Bern

Here are a few antiques of the place in Bern. There is so much history behind this special place of the second floor flat of Kramgasse No. 49 in Bern, Switzerland from 1903 to 1905 the residence of Albert Einstein.

Einstein bed

I believe this might have been an antique sofa.

Typical Clothing

Einstein's Attire

Einstein Yard

His beautiful courtyard and typical Swiss architecture for the area. It already brings back fond memories and makes we want to retreat there asap. Really if you have time, you need to check out Einstein's biography.

Pretty Antique wouldn't you say!

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