Friday, February 16, 2007

What's in My Bag

So Kim H from Stepping Stones tagged me to do a meme and a good one at that!

Here's what you do

Take a photo of the handbag/purse that you are using today.
Dump it out and take another photo.
Make a list of everything in your bag.
Post it on your blog (and let me know!)

Now most of you might laugh but I should be asked what is in my swim bag more than my bag I carry around while I'm not swimming. I definitely keep it more European and I sort of like to have my belongings on my body for safety reasons. But that's just me!



My list in my bag includes:

Notebook - handy for taking business notes.
4 pens - You know we need certain colors.
Wallet - yeah to keep my identity straight when I forget.
Old Mobile Phone - Just look at the flash back photo!
Sunglasses - A blue moon hits from time to time in Vancouver and we get sun.
Second Notebook - more notes for reading during down time.
Shoe pads - didn't take them out after purchasing them.
chapstick - I need it, I'm addicted.

Now anyone passing me on the streets of Vancouver doesn't have to ask me what's inside.

I usually have more stuff in my swim bag and switch out and carry along that most of the time. I guess it helps me when you are self employed!

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