Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Tamara Taggart Pregnant

Since I have to be the queen of gossip on this one, I'm going to spill the beans as I've got one confirmed source that Tamara Taggart is in fact pregnant. I'm very aware that there is a buzz about this news. I say she's pregnant according to what I saw during her last broadcast this past evening on CTV news.

The Vancouver source quoted "Lovebirds 54-40 rocker Dave Genn and weather caster Tamara Taggart are expecting their first child in August. Taggart emceed the 17th annual VSO Lovers' Ball".....

There is complete buzz around many blogs from Canada in fact about Tamara being pregnant. I've been suspecting this since last month but tonight P and I were watching our local news channel tonight where Tamara is the weather lady. She was wearing a maternity outfit that looked beautiful on her. I just so happen to love her eyes and her bubbly personality. Now I'm wondering if Perez Hilton can confirm the pregnancy too.

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