Sunday, April 15, 2007

An Older Mr. Switzerland 2007

I began reading the headlines of the Annual Mister Switzerland contest and began thinking right away of the famous Switzerland commercial ad with sexy men, which was running with the soccer world cup last summer.

I'm sure you remember the ad, but just in case you forgot, I've put it up.

The highlight of the Swiss Info article was the photo which caught the men congratulating Tim Wielandt and messing up his beautiful hair. You'll have to catch the full article yourself here at Swiss info which to me was all so funny and entertaining.

The article mention Mr. Wielandt to have won over the voting public with his charm and humour, presenting himself as a "man in his prime". (Does voting public have the same voting pull and popularity as American Idol, I wonder???)

He's also a student of "interaction design" and works as a web designer. He lives in Meggen, in canton Lucerne in the German-speaking part of Switzerland.

During a film clip he was shown roaming around his neighbours' farm in the company of his favourite cow, Marisa. Doesn't that just remind you of the above clip??

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