Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Two Extremes

Last night I was talking with my brother who was nursing a sunburn from his day working outdoors in the sunny valley of California. Think temperatures like Palm Springs. Then switch those thoughts and think Vancouver..

Vancouver felt like the rain was so cold it was going to snow here on the north shore. In fact the snowfall level must be around 700m today. I was looking at Renny's pics yesterday from his outing and was pondering which area was warmer, Oslo or Vancouver. Personally I think the answer was Oslo, especially since it rained most of the weekend in Vancouver..

But I'll look on the positive side. We have been getting touches of blue sky, sun and not constant downpours unlike this winter. We can still go ski in the morning and catch a game of golf in the afteroon. But I'm expecting this weekend to be sunny and beautiful. Enjoy your time outdoors and cheer for me while I'm swimming crazy races for the Masters provincials team indoors..

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