Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Bit of Biking and Watching

Yesterday we wanted to get away, yet we really didn't want to deal with being in a car in a traffic jam. So we compromised and went to Stanley Park for a fun bike ride. Two weeks ago P had gotten a new bike so it was the perfect way for both of us to ride together.

What was shocking during our ride is how much destruction that is still left over from the horrible December wind storms which devastated Stanley Park. I'd say we saw some 1000 trees on the ride which were cut down or destroyed. And this is almost a full year after the storm! In fact, the Prospect Point end of the seawall is still closed and detoured. Given the current strike, the clean up will even be more delayed.

It would have been nice to have taken a few pics to show you, but I need to get a new tiny camera just for these sort of travels. We did manage to do 2 full cycles around the park as it is not really that much of a ride.

As the morning began today, another part history of biking has ended. I can never get enough of the Tour de France. It's exciting. It has culture, hope and celebration. Yet in the almost month that the tour has come along, the excitement of watching the tour comes to an end. It's a hard habit to part with, sort of like the feeling of coming home from a vacation, that I long for every summer.

The combination of having seen the tour while in Paris in 2003 and being a bike fan myself is why I enjoy watching and seeing so much of the tour. It also brings back memories while in Switzerland in 2002 and watching the tour live for the first time. My little buddy who was just two at the time would watch parts of the race with me and chant "France, France" in the cutest little voice.

I'm happy we can watch the tour here in Canada now and is such a treat since I never had the privilege to watch the race before 2002. It gets me back in my travel element while I'm not over in Europe or Switzerland.

Team Discovery had a great tour this year. Here are the results of the tour.

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