Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend in Photos

Here's a look at the photo tour I took over the weekend. Well I actually took 3 large tours, a great way to people watch and enjoy the city.

I managed to get a few laughs in with some of these captures. See if you would agree too.

Are they getting ready to up into outer space? I chuckle every time I see the whale watching tour boats go out and come back in. Even if it is 30C, they wear these beastly suits.

An Empress Sky

Spying a Tourist.
She was up high looking out her hotel room, obviously quite excited.

A beautiful evening.

Heading out on a jet plane, or a float plane?

Fall Leaves

Swapping boats?

The Fisherman's Wharf

Finding a Sea Lion or two.
These guys were getting a load of fish from the tourists.

The Seawall, all blue and beautiful. Looking out towards the East.

One Lonely Cruise Ship ready to leave the port of Victoria.

Beautiful colors just after sunset.

I might mention that I finally did a larger bike ride, 40km roughly.
I also got up too early this morning to swim! But it felt great knowing what I had accomplished by 7am in the morning.

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