Friday, October 03, 2008

Sad Weather

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SAD but true: winter's blues

Many times people have A Gloomy outlook ... the darker, colder months herald depression for many people as does this photo to me. However, this photo does have many ironies in it, especially the beautiful blues.

Of course, I love sunshine and the spring and summer months. When the weather starts turning, I seem to enjoy the weather that much less. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely not depressed at all. I think there is always beauty everywhere and I'm in such a great city as Victoria to experience it all.


  1. I used to get winter blues bad but in Switzerland it is so beautiful with snow in the mountains that I don't get it as much.

    By the way, we got some snow last night.

  2. Dusk make us feel sad but at least, we can rest and be ready to face a new day :)

    My PH:

  3. It getting darker earlier here in North Idaho. By the end of the month it will be dark around 4PM so that means I can look at the stars earlier.

  4. Man, I wouldn't mind having your "sad" weather! The light contrast is beautiful...

    For me, sad weather = rain. Or rain = sad weather.