Thursday, October 23, 2008

2009 Tour Route Announced

I'm so excited to see the new 2009 Tour De France route, which was announced yesterday. The route heads through Switzerland, Spain, and Andorra this year also! My immediate thought was how do I get there to watch the race! One can dream right?

The 2009 Route

Two exciting stages for me are stages 17 and 18 of the 2009 tour which take place on Friday and Saturday July 17, 18th. The two routes do not show enough details yet, but it appears to go through the Haute Rhine of Colmar and onto Switzerland in such cantons as Fribourg and Vaud before entering the Valais.

One interesting past note of Stage 17 is a 6 time stage for the tour. The stage leading to Besançon during the 1905 Tour gave cycling a new boost. Armstrong was the last rider to win the stage and the tour, in the 2004 Tour’s final time-trial.

The Swiss ski resort of Verbier is a new stop over on the Tour de France and has already played host to a number of decisive stages on the Tour de Suisse. The final climb, more than 9 kilometres long, provides the possibility for riders in top form to forge gaps, or at least triggers head on confrontation.

Km 135,0 - Col des Mosses - 13,8 km climb to 4 %

Verbier is proud to announce that the Tour de France 2009 will stop in Verbier on Sunday July 19th followed by a day of rest. On Thursday 21, Martigny will be the starting point of the stage going over the passes of the Grand Saint Bernard (top of the tour 2009) and the Petit Saint Bernard, arriving finally in Le Grand Bornand.
I am very excited to see the Tour come back into Switzerland to place close to where I used to live and bike myself.

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  1. Looks like a very challenging Tour in 2009. Not a Tour for "flatland riders". Only Cap d'Agde - Perpingan and the last one - of course. Advantage "Climbers" and "Up and down the hills" specialists.
    Also remarkable the Western and Northen France will not have one single "etappe". Well, we can consider to first ones to be in the Northern Part of France.
    I think this Tour is not what the Norwegian Thor Hushovd (Maillot Vertes) prefers, I suppose.
    We have by the way, been to most of the places. Also in Switzerland.
    The route over to Andorra is very tough and they might expect heavy fog on the top.
    Anna had to walk in front of our Car to find the route on the top, when we were there.

    btw. Hope to find a solution to my photo problem on my blog. I will not use Flickr as long as it is abondanded in many countries.

    Until then
    have a great time

    PS. Have lot's of pictures from Oslo in the Fall, taken last Sunday. I think I'll post 5 a day on Fotothing.