Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Visit to Goldstream Provincial Park

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting Goldstream Provincial Park on a beautiful sunny day, located roughly 17km's from down town Victoria.  The park is the center of attention of the annual salmon run, with beautiful old-growth rain forest as part of your surroundings.  The salmon are found spawning up stream with many onlookers participating in the spectacle.  If you are very lucky, you can also see some Bald Eagles.

The best time to visit the park for the Salmon run is from October until December.  Hike down to the visitors centre to visit the mouth of the river and the Goldstream estuary or through the tunnel to visit the famous waterfalls.

Here is a look at some of the photos from my visit.  Unfortunately I wasn't too pleased with my photos I took.  The weather was tricky for single camera shots as I did not have a tripod with me.  That just means I need to get out and take a few more shots!

 The highway is located just to the left of the park and can be very busy!
You walk into a lush forest with green trees and moss everywhere.
 Head down to the estuary to check out the birds of the area, including eagles.
Walk through this tunnel to find the water falls.

A look at the famous waterfalls.
Fall colors are everywhere.
Blue skies.
My favorite shot of the visit along the stream.
In case you wanted to visit this park, Goldstream Provincial Park is located off of Trans Canada Hwy (Hwy #1), and can be best accessed only by car.  Here's a small map of the location.  I plan on going back for another visit soon.


  1. I love all the leaves everywhere. It looks like it was a beautiful walk.

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I enjoyed looking at your photos, especially the family ones.

  3. So pretty! (Your photos are always good). I've been to that park a couple of times and it's lovely. Vancouver Island has so much to offer, doesn't it?

  4. With pictures like that I think I need to add Canada to our job search list :) Enjoy your autumn and please keep sharing the photos.

  5. Christina - oh yes Vancouver Island does have so much and I'm loving it!

    Hexe - you should see if there are certain jobs, but you have to apply mostly through permits or certain companies. Otherwise it is virtually impossible for employers to speak to you about having a job (you need to have a work permit).

  6. Hmmm looks rather flat? Were there any mountains around?

  7. Looks like the Parc de la Gatineau in Ottawa! Anyway, it's lovely, especially in the fall.

  8. I just mentioned to Donica that I can totally see us going back to Vancouver Island someday to see more of that beautiful place on God's earth!

  9. We go there every year! Or everytime I'm home. Are the Salmon out yet?