Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm Still Waiting

Last night we finished the 3rd of 4 classes in parenting a newborn. It was really good for us as we have picked up a few hints or two that I certainly didn't know about yet. As I came home last night I was relieved to see grass and no rain.

Well that changed this morning as we woke up to about 10 inches of new snow. And boy does it look like a lot of snow! Here are three pics from our back door. Crazy and unexpect for the end of February in Victoria, BC.

Only 6 days left until our estimated due date. I'm a bit achy and constantly have swollen feet unfortunately. Baby is doing fine and in the best position for delivery according to our ultrasound appointment from last weekend. For now, I'm happy if the baby doesn't make it's appearance this week. I'd rather not have this much snow around!

And This is down town Victoria in the Inner Harbor.


  1. Six more days? That is coming up soon! Hopefully the snow will be gone by then. Tell your hubby to watch out for the pot holes. I think my daughter's dad hit everyone on the way to the hospital!
    Take Care! & Best Wishes to the both of you!

  2. Hope you can share the big event right away with us!! All the best, thinking of you!!

  3. It's supposed to snow quite a lot tonight or tomorrow as well. Coming our way...

    You must be so excited that baby is coming soon! I remember my friends couldn't wait at the end.

  4. wow, that IS a lot of snow! we haven't had any of that in the fraser valley, thankfully!
    Back when i was pregnant, we took a 1-day prenatal class, we had an option for signing up for weekly evening classes or 1 full day class. I was glad we took the class though, and the best lesson learned - expect the unexpected and be open minded, as every birth and every child are so different :)
    So exciting, you'll have a baby in your arms soon!!!!

  5. Dear Jen and P,
    it's wonderful Photos,
    but our thoughts are with you and your baby to come....
    That's the most important

    big hugs
    T and A

  6. I wonder if as I speak a baby is asleep in your arms! Maybe your next post will give us the happy news. But then, my first was 2 weeks late and my second was one week late. If you're early or on time, you'll be one of the lucky ones. :) I'm rooting for you all the way!

  7. hmmm still waiting? thinking of you, you know :-)

    Snowy just like in Oslo, Norway - and we love it ;-)

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  9. Something New?
    Hope P will write the News here on this blog.

    By the way
    CONGRATS to Canada, who for the first time won a Gold Medal in Nordic Ski, here in Oslo today.
    More than 40.000 people celebrated their Gold medal in Down Town Oslo this after noon