Monday, July 25, 2011

July is Almost Over

I feel like it was just the other day that the month of June just started.  That's when Cammie started babbling a lot.  Now the month of July is ending and well we have experienced a few summer days here while most parts of North America a least have been riding in a heat wave. 

We did make it out to try out what swimming was like.  I'm very happy to report that Cammie is a natural in the water, dunking her mouth and nose many times and even doing a back float with some help.  We hope to keep going back as much as we can too!

We've been able to watch the Annual Thetis Lake swim although this year I opted once again not to touch the lake water.  I have a love for pools and seeing the bottom.  Cammie is growing cuter every day.  It seems just as I need a break an hour or two after she goes to sleep, I just want to hug and cuddle with her more.  She's definitely one cute and silly gal.

I'm very happy Tor and Anna got to witness just how smiley, cute and silly Cammie was at a young age.  I've been overly tired waking up at very odd hours and haven't felt like gather up photos, but I promise to find a few great ones.

Cammie in her new duck

Cammie waving again that same day July 5th

Cammie loving her bath time

Cammie wearing her Canada sunglasses ready to go out.

I found my keys!

Reading my book


Smiling and moving!

Playing Cowgirl Cammie with Daddy.

Cammie and mommy

Cammie and mommy
I'm so ready for a vacation!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog today... I've seen your comments on Ginnie's blogs before and am glad to finally 'meet' you over the miles... Victoria, BC is on my list of places to see! LOVE the pictures of your charming child.

  2. You should frame the bath one, it's so good!

  3. She is so cute. The first year is a tough one on the sleeping. I swear it gets better :)

  4. I did post a comment on your blog a few days ago (see first comment above)... I'm not sure if you've tried to contact me as you mentioned you would? By email? Got your comment on my vacation blog and also one on my photography blog... the comment on the vacation blog is where you asked to connect up via email. I've been in overwhelm or I'd have gotten back here sooner!

  5. Cammie is a such cute and beautiful little girl! Sh's got a marvelous smile! I learnt you had Nort European visitors!!! Tor and Anna!!! They are such travelers!!! Fantastical!

  6. I see you have now 'met' Victoria. Isn't it fun how our blogs bring us all together!

    That Cammie is one precious gem. OMG. And so photogenic. You've got a real heart-breaker on your hands. I can see it! HA! And you think you're tired now??!!

  7. When Tor called me before they left for the US, he told me that he was visiting you. I am sure they had a good time with you and the little one (so cute!!!)

  8. Oh my, that Cammie is such a sweet little sausage!

  9. Love, love the bath pic! She will definitely be a heart breaker!