Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Moving Along

Well August is already in full swing, and I've pledged to along with a few other moms on doing a 30 day shed.  Not sure I'll get too far, but at least I've stepped up my attempts. We are walking every morning if we can and then some.  It's always beautiful right along the waters.  I figured I'd better enjoy it while we are out of the rainy season anyways!  Besides, I really could use a bit of a tan!

Cammie has had some rather big accomplishments since our last post.  She's learned out to roll over and seems to want to be an airplane all of the time too.  Not sure why, but it's cute!  She's also figured out that toes can go in the mouth too.  And I had to run and catch it on camera too. 

Oh mom, you didn't just take my photo did you?

After rolling over, I'm an airplane, see!

Look that way mom!
Here's a shot from our morning walk while the fog was still around.
Before long, we will be visiting Grandma and Grandpa who are so excited, they started counting down the days until they get to hold their little bundle.  Yup, they are smitten for sure!


  1. How cute! Love the airplane, she is a true expat daughter!

  2. The airplane is always so cute. I'm still doing that one in my exercises to help my back or so the exercise video tells me! Her grandparents will be super excited to hold her again.

  3. She's beautiful! Down to my last 6 weeks or so here - can't wait to meet my little one!

  4. Cammie is so cute! What a fest when Grand Ma and Grand Pa meet their little girl!

  5. how time flies! now she is rolling.

  6. If I were her grandma, she'd be all eaten up by now!!! :)

  7. I love the airplane. She is too cute!

  8. Teach her to fly - she is so cute...

    We remember our walks seaside - it was wonderful