Friday, August 11, 2006

Roll Back The Times

glacier hike
Originally uploaded by thnkfst.
If I recall correctly, one year ago today would have been the day we chose to drive down to Nyon from our Lausanne Hostel to take the boat over to Yvoire. Just thinking about our incredible lunch makes my mouth water. (I guess I'm 1 day off, but what does that matter.)

This photo was taken with my tiny Fuji camera on a very easy Glacier hike on the Valais with little Max and his cousin along with their Grandparents. They are avid hikers and in incredible shape to say the least. We even took along the stroller for this event since the trail was that child friendly.

When you've got 2 munchkins under 3 years old, this sort of thing does come in handy.

Someone in the flickr group posted a comment on this photo. That's when I realized I sort of liked it a lot too. So I'm posting it for all to view of course.

Busy times today. We are doing a spring cleaning session along with many other chores. I guess it fits in perfectly with the not so sought after weather outside. So I'm back to that right away.

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