Monday, November 13, 2006

It's My Day Off

I was really happy to gladly wake up at 7am this morning ready to do whatever I wanted to do today. I knew P knew I was at home and surely enough when he got a moment, he called me to say hello. I think that's guy talk for "I miss you", and yes P is that wonderful... I'm so lucky..

So I was doing a lot of computer cleaning and came across a wonderful photo that I just can't seem to get posted. So here it is.

While I lived in Switzerland, I never took a photo of a chestnut stand. I wish I did but I've come across someone who shares the zest for Switzerland like myself. Here's a Maroni stand in September... They are open I suppose until the run out of chestnuts or it gets too hot to enjoy them. I remember still eating them in January or February in Geneva.

What a wonderful thing to discover on my day off! Daydreaming of Switzerland. Other plans include making P dinner. I love doing this but never really get to since I'm always working until after P wants to eat dinner.

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