Sunday, November 12, 2006

Not So High Five

Over the weekend, P and I decided to check out Borat, hiiiigh five! I agreed since it was only 84 mins long and I figured I could stand sitting still in those really uncomfortable seats for that time.

For those of you who haven't checked out the movie yet, yes it is very funny. Yes there is a great point to it, but I doubt many who watch it will get it. You can see so much of the movie online in the trailers. But maybe you'd like to see about 10 or 15 more scenes that were left out. Much of the movie is quite different than the trailor too!

I'd recommend Borat if you want to see a comedy and are young at heart. But don't be disappointed like the 70 plus couple we saw sitting a few seats away from us! The poor couple, really I never saw them laugh once and am not sure why they decided to see such a film.

What I wish was part of the Borat movie was more of a documentary tied into lessons and slapstick humor Cohen was trying to portray, delving a bit deeper into the meaning behind the movie which I doubt many people understood.

What really gets me is that Cohen paid a Rumanian village no money at all to film there. What I can understand is that they really didn't know what the movie would be about. They were really poor and well I do hope in the end, this movie gives this village a bit more than the measly 3 quid they paid out. Just pay them a bit more money and make them happy. You've had your success...

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