Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Weekend Update

So it had been 1 year since my last swim meet.. And I think it turned out pretty well. The travel always kills me and I was quite tired by the time I arrived back home on Sunday evening..

My times were not earth shattering at all but here they are..

400m Free - 2nd in my heat - 1st overall in age group. 5:10.25
100m back - 2nd in my heat - 2nd overall in age group. 1:16.57
100m breast - 8th overall (last in heat) - 1st overall in age group. 1:24.31
(not my best time)
100m fly - 5th overall , 2nd to another female- 1st overall in age group. 1:15.07

Here's one photo from the meet of me.

I only know it's me because of the blue goggles, at UBC.

In other news, Sabine let me know that the Today show was doing their travel show this week which I JUST LOVE. Here's a link to some of what is happening.


  1. Damn that's way faster than I can swim. Great work!

  2. Tawcan said exactly what I wanted to say. So now you have two that you can easily beat :)

  3. I love the photo! You are inspiring me!!! ;-)

  4. What do you think? Can you break 5 minutes in the 400m freestyle?

  5. TBF - If I keep training and plan on swimming it at least 1 or 2 more times, then that could be a good goal.. It would actually be a nice one and a great goal and challenge from you! It's nearly only 2.5 secs per 100m that I have to go faster.. Not all that hard...

  6. Wow, you did great! I didn't know you had to go all the way to UBC for the meet. I know the trip and yeah, it must have been really tiring.

  7. I so envy those time. We'll having a "surprise training" today. I have no idea what our coach means with surprise.

  8. After a year, ET, that's pretty darn-tootin' good, if you ask me!

    BTW, I love your new template look!

  9. I agree with Ginnie on both points!

    I think you did terrific and you should be proud of yourself!!!

  10. I'll have to smile and nod - I have no idea what's a good time, except to say it looks as though you had a good time!

    ...stylin' blue goggles!

  11. Thanks for sharing this photo of you.

    I don't know how to swim and I really admire people like you who excel in it.

    Keep it up.