Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Week Update

We've had slightly warmer weather lately and lots of fog. At times that can be a great thing if you can get up to the mountains to see the incredible views. This photo was sent to me today. Talk about an incredible view someone had from Cypress in North Vancouver.

As well, I am into week 2 of my triathlon training. Everything is going very well as planned. The hardest part is deciding what I can take out of my workouts or switch for another one. I believe as time goes on, I'll adjust more evenly to the schedule. There will be more adjustments next week also.

I've been extremely proud of myself for making the spinning classes. Last thursday was my second class and it was 1 hr 15 mins long. Everyone in the class was a veteran except for 2 of us beginners! I did a 1 hr 10 min spin class yesterday and am gaining a bit more strength and confidence, but those unseated climbs sure hurt! I can literally feel my Hamstrings toning....

Right now, I'm still concentrated on the masters swimming portion where I am swimming and cross training until April. At that point, I plan to make the full transition to a bit more biking and running also.

And this weekend is my first competition of the new year, on the island thankfully. With my computer adapter dying and so many changes, I've been lucky to blog at all. Busy busy, but that's a good thing!

Enjoy the View!


  1. WOW, Love that photo!!!
    when is the tri?

  2. Now, that some kind of view... I'd love to have seen something like that.

  3. That photo is incredible!

    Good luck this weekend!

  4. Someone sent me this photo too and I put it on my blog yesterday. I wish I could give someone the credit and I hope it wasn't copyright.

    Good luck with your training.

  5. What a view! I guess a comparable view could be from the Burnaby Mountain too, they have a big open space there without trees, wonder if you've ever been up there in that park close to SFU?
    That photo is amazing though! :)

  6. I love the climbs in spin, I could do those so much better than the sprints (my big legs can't move that fast).

    I miss spinning sometimes as 45 min of spin flies by a lot faster than 20 min of running but if I'm gonna finish the Sun Run, then running it is!