Friday, July 24, 2009

Life Size

This weeks Theme is Utensils
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Scissors happen to be part of Domestic Utensils. Seeing that these utensils were quite out of the ordinary, I decided to stretch it to that! I mean who doesn't have a pair of scissors with all of their other utensils these days??

I think you would agree although these utensils are wrong size, that scissors have become part of a regular kitchen utensil.

OR you might check out these Swiss Army Style Utensils.

By the way - I am gearing up for my next big race. It's my first lake swim in Canada. It's a fund raiser to help fight MS. I'll be up and at it on Sunday morning swimming.


  1. Best of luck with your swim and that's great that it's to raise money for MS.

    I love those over-sized scissors.

  2. all the best in your endeavours.

    Happy PH

  3. I would agree that scissors had become part of the kitchen utensils. They do work wonders. :)

    Anyway, have a fun swim this weekend. :)

  4. Cool shot! I hadn't thought about it but you are right, I keep a pair of scissors in my kitchen and use them all the time.

    Good luck with your swim!

  5. Good luck on your race. I like that sculpture, very quirky.

  6. oh yes, I've got scissors in the kitchen and they're well used!
    good luck on your race! hope the weather holds up, it looks like it will!

  7. Hmm I don;t think I'll pick a fight with the owner of those scissors! Happy weekend

  8. Great contribution!

    I have a Swiss utensils, but not that kind :lol:

  9. Great photo and good luck with the fund-raising.

  10. Great photo -- and good luck with the lake swim! :)

  11. coolshot like your take too

  12. I use my kitchen scissors a lot.
    I like your take on theme.

    Good luck with your swim on Sunday.