Sunday, July 19, 2009


Some things you see around Victoria really make you stop, stare and laugh.

I think this is one of them... Don't mind the sideways video!

We happened to see this street performer move from one area to a new one while we were walking by. It's somewhat entertaining to mingle with the tourists to watch their reactions to things which are a daily observance for us. Plasterman is one of them.

Oh look he's moving again.

Don't get touched, you might get plastered!

Plasterman does move!

And then he goes into his resting state again.

Just one of the things many tourist get a kick out of when they visit downtown Victoria.


  1. Anonymous2:24 PM

    I always find those street performers especially the living statues fascinating. I can say they have the patience to stay still for hours!

  2. There was a street performer dressed ike a Pharaoh in Paris, nearby the Louvre. People thought it was a statue until he moved... people jumped! ;-)

  3. We saw one in Lindau and I must say that they really need to enjoy what they do for a living!

  4. That is great! I miss living in Strasbourg because there are always people dressed up posing for coins. We had a Charlie Chaplin one summer and he was great!

  5. Looks hot in there...

  6. I'm fascinated.
    First time I REALLY discovered this kind of performance was in Berlin, many, many years ago.
    Excellent captures

    btw. Guess who will be joining us in our car back to Norway from Toulon via Switzerland in August?