Friday, November 27, 2009

Switzerland in Technology

This weeks Theme Technology
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This theme was pretty difficult to think of something interesting to post.  I looked up the Wikipedia definition of Technology and then went with a significant figure in Science and Technology in Switzerland.

Einstein Tour

Happy Hunting! Bare with me as I'm still waiting for my laptop to be back up and working along with a bit more swimming lately.


  1. Very good choice Expat. My own personal technological problems governed my choice this week.
    Happy weekend to you.

  2. This week's theme wasn't easy. Love your choice!!
    Happy swimming and happy hunting.

  3. Great choice going with such a famous figure. Happy weekend!

  4. Great idea for the theme. That's great that you are swimming. I need to do that myself.

  5. Hi I just saw your comment and thought I'd pop back and say you have a good memory. I think I did post about the american tobacco campus a year or so ago and probably used it for a photohunt, although I didn't remember that. Cheers, Carver