Monday, February 13, 2012

A Piece of Switzerland

A few weeks ago, the Swiss Consulate in Vancouver contacted me about my blog.  I was very excited to see them interested in connecting with people from the blogging world.  One of the main reasons why I enjoy keeping this blog going is because I've connected with so many people from around the world. I LOVE that!  I am so thankful for all of the people I have met along the way and all of the great friends I have made since living in Switzerland.

That's how my expat journey all started in fact, long before I met some of the bloggers who have been connecting with our bigger network of Expats and World Citizens.  I was able to connect with a first contact in Switzerland, long before I had ever heard of a blog, which lead me to keep the connection going.

Last night I got to enjoy a little piece of Switzerland again thanks to my steady blogging presence since 2005.  I had the opportunity to meet the Consul General of Switzerland, Mr. Strausak, at the Victoria Film Festival. I was invited to attend a viewing of a Swiss film, involving a very influential modern design master, The Visual Language of Herbert Matter.

The film itself was very enjoyable.  It caught my attention since  Herbert Matter was from Engelberg an area I knew the area quite well.  I had no idea the work that I recognized and knew was designed and made by Herbert Matter.  With my liking of photography and Switzerland it was a great combination.  His work is certainly still geared for the future, just amazing if you ask me.

Oddly, this was my first time out by myself since having Cammie.  This is also my last week off on leave before I'm back to the normal working day and chaos.  It will definitely be a journey but hopefully a vacation is around the corner for P and I.  Can't wait..


  1. Wonderful! How exciting the Swiss Consulate took the time to contact and invite you. It's always heartwarming when connections are made between one's experiences in a place far from home and where one is now in life. Proof again there are no coincidences--everything is connected and interrelated, whether it is obvious or not.

  2. What a cool opportunity! That's exactly why I like blogging, it's great to meet people and make contacts.

  3. How exciting! long live blogging :-)

  4. It's a small world after all! I love it for you, Jen.

    Now hang in there as life is ready to take you on another journey....