Tuesday, March 13, 2012

1 Year Ago

It's hard to believe our kiddo turns 1 this week!  It's been more than we ever would have imagined, and a bit harder at times when I expected but all worth it in the end.  We ended up with a little Gerber baby who loves to smile, laugh and explore.  She's starting to point and ask what words are and try to talk.   It's ultra adorable.

Here's a look at here 1st year!

Cammie's 1st 2 months

Months 3 and 4

Months  5, 6 and 7
Months 8 and 9

Months 10 and 11
 This weekend we will celebrate Cammie's birthday with a small gathering.  Bets are on if she even touches the cake.  Yup, she's one picky little eater.  But we are working on that..

Next up  P's birthday (always 3 days after Cammie's)...


  1. Happy Birthday C!

  2. I can't believe it is already a year! Happy Birthday to Cammie. She is adorable.

  3. FABULOUS collages to showcase your little sweetie-pie, Jen. WOW. The year has just flown!!!

  4. One year old already?? happy birthday to beautiful Cammie!

  5. Yes, you have the Gerber baby. So so cute! Babies are hard work, but totally worth it and even worth it when the become 13 years old. Happy Birthday to your little one.