Saturday, February 04, 2006

Slow Down Combats Pollution

Or not? I'm not so sure the unusual speed limits throughout most of Northern and Central Switzerland are the answer. If you happen to be driving on the motorway, you might need to slow down. Yes that's an 80 Kilometer speed limit you see and it's not for construction reasons.

Authorities have lowered speed limits on motorways to a slowing 80km. Their rational is because there has been way too much smog this winter. If people slow down, it might help clear up the smoggy weather.

Here in Vancouver, our highway speed limits are actually 80km also. It's a bit slow but I know 120 km is just too fast for our roads in Canada. I'm not so sure slowing down the speed limits are the answer in Switzerland, especially since soot and other diesel without particle filters have been the main offenders. I'm pretty sure the answer is lying right before them.

Before you get too worried, this study will be taking place for about a week. That's all. I'm not sure what type of data they will be recording, but let's just hope they don't decide to lower the speed limits for good in Switzerland.

Your thoughts or reactions?

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