Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Something To Ponder

courtesy: http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/7350/1229/1600/Dancing%20Queen%20--%20rachel.jpgSometimes I think of really odd things while I am alone walking or jogging. Today I had two great relevations that I wanted to share which just so happened to bug me in some way.

1. If you live across the street from the hospital why would you phone for an ambulance? (We do and this happened last night.) Furthermore, if you are just across the street, how would the ambulance transport you into the emergency room? Via the Ambulance of course...

2. You are at a flea marketing bartering for a piece of furniture you'd like to have. The man will give it to you if you tell him those magical words to lift it off his hands. You say I'd like to pay you for that furniture for free but must think of another way to say just that. What do you say?

You say: I'll just have to take your furniture for zip, zippo zero, zilch, nadda, diddly squat, nothing? There's gotta be something else too - Can you think of more ways of saying it?

Rick Mercer's Report last night was definitely a knee slapper. Some of the funny photos the readers sent in made me want to roll on floor laughing. If you have an extra minute and need a good laugh, go check out Monday's edition. It was great.

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